Get the synergy of two products and save $$

Get the synergy of two products and save $$
Take the first steps to become a person instead of an object in the world of objects

You live as an object in a world of objects... an object with a mind, but nevertheless an object.

Your mind serves one purpose only: to live really like a machine, protecting itself, being self-concerned. Because if you are an object in a world of object, then every other object is a threat to you, physically, or otherwise, so you are always concerned with how you look, that you are right, that you dominate and avoid domination, you win and avoid losing, you justify yourself and invalidate others, and desperately scramble to avoid responsibility for anything and everything.

That is the life of an object living in a world of objects.

Your mind also tells you that you have to, you need to, you want to, you should do all the things that will make you look good and make it in this world of objects.

The problem with this setup, other than that it's miserable, is that you are not 'designed' as an object: you are designed to be a person. But other than in labels, 99.99% of humanity behaves like an object, not as a person.

What is the main difference?

A person is not the dog that is wagged by the tail.

WTF are you talking about, Sophie?

You, when you are run by, ruled by, dictated by the mind, you are like a dog wagged by its tail. You don't have any control over anything, the mind does.

You also can't see anything, you can't hear anything, can't hear what is said, can't hear what is written: your mind diligently overwrite everything, so you never actually learn anything, you never actually know what's going on.

This coming weekend, Saturday 4pm EST and Sunday 2 pm EST I am doing two workshops, the 3-wishes workshop that well does one thing and one thing only: it brings to the surface the one core thing that makes you a thing... The one thing that if you could not have that, you would have a chance to become a person... not a thing.

The Sunday workshop is more like a conversation, that helps you perform the Amish Horse Training method: ignore safely and effectively what the mind says... 24/7, even when you sleep.

You see the two workshop could work synergistically: on Saturday you find out what the mind says that makes you a thing, and on Sunday you learn how to ignore that speaking, and say something else.

n the 3-wishes workshop you find out what is your core issue is that the mind tells you that you are use useless, worthless, stupid, ugly, or whatever your mind says. Then you have a chance to invent yourself something else... not the opposite, but something uplifting that you CAN be.

In my own history, my original sentence was that I was, yeah, useless. So I invented myself as 'brilliant and a contribution'. It made a huge difference... but wasn't it.

It wasn't until I invented myself, again, as 'fully expressed greatness' that my life started to blossom, and I stopped being a thing.

But only if and when you learn to use the Amish Horse Training method effectively, to tell the difference between what YOU are saying and what the mind is saying, only then can you make it permanent, and you can become a happy, fulfilled, person who feels good about yourself.

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